Why Bwell?

  • Bwell not only "trap" the air pollution but also "kill" the pollution in the air. This air purification system is the most perfect and complete by starting from particle and gas filtration then virus kill according to  Summary of Air-Cleaning Technologies Which is difficult to be found in typical air purifiers




  • Bwell has no positive/negative ion generator that cause the black dust and ozone which irritate the lung and respiratory system. Our products can be applied with adult and sensitive people such as baby, children, senior, allergy, and respiratory diseases.




  •  Bwell passed the safety and health standard from TÜV Rheinland Germany




  • Bwell is designed according to the the research of room air purifier from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in U.S.A. Our products consist of the proven air purification system that is benefial and safe for all users